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§  Can we raise your profile in international standards

o   Do you promote your work by contributing to international standards?

o   How do you compare with your competitors in this area?

o   Do you have a standards strategy/roadmap?

§  boy and globe 7.pngCan we help you address the following issues:

o   How can you improve your product’s lifecycle to save money and help the environment?

o   How can you make better use of ICT for mitigation, such as travel avoidance, so that GHG emissions are reduced?

o   Can we help you multiply the benefits you have achieved by down-streaming into international standards?

o   Can we identify new global problems which your company is well-placed to solve and so help you generate valuable Intellectual property?


We can help you via workshops, tutorials, strategic reviews and/or one-to-one communications

Contract Research

§  Can we help you by partnering with you in these areas:

o   Seeking new ways in which you can use ICT to avoid wasting money on limited resources, such as fossil fuels

o   Investigating new ways in which you can use ICT to save money and minimise your environmental damage

o   Promoting your work in publications, papers or international conferences

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